RITA DANTONA is a Re/Max Anchor Realty real estate agent specializing in the listing and marketing of homes for sale in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood and surrounding Florida cities.

Known professionally as "RITA THE REALTOR", Rita offers a wide range of real estate services, from buying and selling property, to property management and rentals.

Rita encourages you to contact her for a free, no obligation consultation to see if she can help make your transition to your new home easier. Simply put, Rita is here to help.

Call or text: 941-740-0927
Email: ritadantona@gmail.com

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In an “email compromise scheme,” a Miami Gardens man monitored business emails, changed wiring instructions at the last minute, and stole almost $400K in closing money. [...]

For some sellers, it’s emotional: A beloved family home should only be sold to a family, and they’ll take less money to make it happen. Others worry about neighbors. [...]

Realtor.com added “wildfire risk” to all listings, and while 6% of Fla. homes face a threat, that number could double by 2052, according to the rating company. [...]

NAR’s president created a presidential advisory group (PAG) to study cryptocurrency’s growing real estate influence, suggesting, “We should consider our own platform.” [...]

Panhandle Realtors note an uptick in interest for energy-efficient homes, but it comes with a downside: Many homebuyers can’t afford the increased cost. [...]

Listings that expired more than a year ago may offer opportunities. Owners who didn’t sell for some reason may not realize how much equity they’ve gained since then. [...]

Florida Realtors: Fla.’s single-family median price up 21.8% to $410K. Condo median price up 24% to $310K. Higher interest rates and tight inventory slow sales. [...]

“Economic uncertainty causes rate volatility,” says Freddie Mac’s chief economist. The average 30-year, fixed-rate loan moved down a bit from last week’s 5.3%. [...]

Inflation has changed perceptions. More potential homebuyers must now use money to pay for daily essentials, and credit card usage rose 49% in 1Q 2022. [...]

Sellers can shield $250K of profit from capital gains taxes, but as home values rise, some filling out their IRS forms now discover that Uncle Sam wants a cut. [...]